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For appointments on email: . Call Ms.Kanchan at 09870302499

 Com DEALL Mumbai provides comprehensive, concentrated and consistent help to very young children with Autism, ADHD,  related Communication Disorders. Our team of professionals is specially trained to understand the child holistically.Our methods are geared to ensure that every child has the maximum opportunity to optimize his potential to join regular schools.


We are recognized not only for our results with the children but for our efforts at empowering parents .We are not a school for children with Autism, instead we prepare them to join regular schools.

The structured nature of our work empowers us to work with out of town clients effectively. We have worked with families  from Pune, Latur, Ahemadabad, Ratnagiri,Nagpur, Kashmir, Patna, U.K. etc 


Our vision of providing early intervention in line with best practices world over is realized through our affiliation with The Com DEALL Trust. We follow the Com DEALL program, an evidence-based early intervention program for children with Autism and related Communication Disorders.

 Measureable Gains in Specified Timeframes 


We offer both online and inperson services
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