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"We found out our son Rishaan was on the spectrum when he had just turned 3. It was a really confusing time for us. Trying to figure out how to cope and, at the same time, getting Rishaan geared to learn. It was recommended that we visit DEALL, a communication centre for special needs children. One phone call to Deepa and she was happy to meet us pretty much the same afternoon.


DEALL played a really big part in helping us gear up to handle being special needs parents. From the smaller, basics of pre-learning behaviour and parallel talk to the more critical pieces of just at times being there to give you a patient ear and giving you that assurance that it’s going to be okay.


The DEALL counselors and therapists were also available to visit his regular school to advise the teachers on techniques to work with special needs or have them over at the centre to learn and observe things.


Our son really looked forward to going to DEALL as it was a safe, fun place for him to learn. And to learn how to learn." 


- Rishaan's parents



"We would like express our heartfelt gratitude to Com DEALL for enabling our son to attend mainstream school when things were looking bleak for him 4 years ago when he was diagnosed with PDD NOS at the age of 2.5. We got to know about this enriching programme from a friend whose son was apparently in the same centre. The distinctive feature of DEAL compared to other centres is that it's an intensive therapy programme that encompasses the overall development required for the child to achieve his or her age appropriate milestones, thereby filling gaps wherever the child is lagging behind. Rigorous training backed with supportive and caring staff added momentum to our child's progress and accelerated him into a mainstream school. The beauty of DEALLs program is that every child's profile is created in accordance with the skills that are lacking and then worked upon rigorously. Progress was constantly discussed with parents and they equipped us with skills to handle them back at home and in social circumstances. As parents, we learnt to handle situations that seamed embarrassing and difficult earlier with a lot of tact and sensitivity. So, this programme not only helped our kids but as parents we were enriched with ideas, and an understanding of the gravity of the issues our children faced. A boy who had poor eye contact and poor social skills, was not toilet trained, was equipped with few words and had sensitivity issues is now mainstreamed in St Mary's ICSE school. He has good eye contact, fluency in speech and good cognitive and social skills; overall, he has shown development in major areas of concern. We would like to sincerely thank the COMM DEALL team from the bottom of our heart and wish they carry on the same and help many more parents and children to grapple with their issues." 
- Parents of child in St.Mary's, Mumbai










Deepa,Kunjan and the entire team at DEALL were instrumental in helping my daughter overcome her language and sensory isues over a 2+ years period,from age 4 to age 6.When we moved from abroad to Mumbai we were unsure of the quality of resources available locally to help us address our daughter's issues.Her specific problems centered on receptive and expressive language,fine motor developement and coordination of her limbs towards accomplishing specific tasks.Her attention span was limited and she would often get frustrated because many normal tasks were difficult for her to understand and execute.After a year of struggling through medicore resources, we were directed to DEALL,which proivded exactly the type of integrated program she required.

With regular and consistent assisstance, our daughter learned to master tasks that improves her communication and everyday life skills.The team's dedicated efforts and detailed plans and feedback enabled us to work collectively towards getting my daughter ready for "big school".She is now 8 yrs old and well integrated into her mainstream school.In fact she is a starstudent who recently won the school's Hindi Handwriting Competition-something we would never have dreamed of five years ago.

My husband and I to support Deepa.Kunjan and the enitre DEALL team -the organization that has made a huge difference to the future of our little girl and the quality of her experiences.


- Mother of the 8 yrs old girl in "big school"

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"My son Arjun had a communication disorder in his early years and we had enrolled him in Com DEALL for its intensive training program when he was 2.5 years old. DEALL provided tailor-made training programs (both individual and group) in speech, behavior, cognition, motor and social skills that helped Arjun develop the required skills to manage his daily life. We have been very happy to see his improvement, day after day. Arjun got back on the right track and left DEALL at 6 years of age. By that time, he was able to integrate in regular school successfully. He is no different than a child the same age now. We need to specially thank Deepa, Kunjan, Sneha and all the therapists, teachers and helpers who assissted Arjun. We believe early intervention through intensive training is critical to help a child with a developmental disorder back to normal life gradually. DEALL has an experienced pool of therapists and teachers; expertise will definitely help children to overcome their problems.We highly reccomend DEALL to anyone in need of this service."

-Arjun's parents


Communication DEALL is a unique organization that believes in helping rather than giving a concluding verdict. I remember the day when I approached DEALL when my son was 2.6 yrs old. They did not give me medical jargon but asked us to follow a routine. Unknowing of the results, I blindly followed what was told. Slowly, all the reasons unfolded and I came to know the "whys" behind all the activities. I understood the importance of "me" in my child's life. I thank the whole team for helping me understand my child and the fact that he is seeing the world through me. Just because he cannot express himself in language doesn't mean my son cannot understand or communicate. This is the biggest lesson I learnt at DEALL. I am a proud mother who can say that my son's foundation to fight Autism is strong! I would like to request DEALL to have more such earlyintervention centers across the country.

- Laxmi Priya R, mother of the little boy



"Earlier, when we used to travel in a train, when we first started DEALL, we used to find it very difficult to manage her. She would sit with us for two minutes and then try to run off. We had to bring her back, sometimes other passengers would help us. We discussed this with therapists at DEALL who explained and helped us make visuals for her. We prepared the visuals, explained everything to her at home and carried the visuals with us. And now, from Borivili to Charni Road, there is absolutely no problem. Language-wise, when she first started, she had no language; she could not speak any words. Later, she picked up words, then short sentences; now, she speaks so much, it is difficult to stop her! Just the other day I read a story to her about two little girls. She was full of questions wanting to know why one of them had fallen, where they were going, etc. "

- Grandmother of a little girl who started intervention at Com DEALL Mumbai when she was 3 years old




Autism and sensory issues my son faced had me overwhelmed.I couldn't understand what he was going through or how to help him feel better.That is when DEALL stepped in and gave me clear and simple strategies and there was an immediate change in my child for the better.Thank you Com DEALL!


Mother of a 3.6 years old child.


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