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We strive to remain the best early intervention program for children with Autism in Mumbai. We are committed to measureable gains in specified timeframes.

We follow the Communication DEALL evidence-based, intensive, interdisciplinary, group intervention program. Children in the program receive 3 hours of intervention daily, 5 days a week and through the academic year. Our interdisciplinary team comprises Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Developmental Educators.


A team of 4 therapists works with 12 children at a time in small (1:3) and large groups (4:12).Group intervention is critical to the program as our target is to develop skills required to function in a classroom with at least 25- 30
other children.


The program is open to any child with Autism and related communication disorders, between (2.6 to 6) years of age. Children younger than 2.6 years may warrant a less intense program.  Children with additional challenges such as intellectual challenges, seizures under control with medication, etc, are helped in the Functional Skills batch.


Click on the Methods tab for the drop-down menu that tells you more about our therapies.


The Com DEALL program is committed to measureable gains within  specified timeframes. Ideally, a child who enters the program by 2.6  years of age should develop school readiness skills by 5.6 years, if not  earlier.We are not a special school. No child stays with us for more than  3  years. Children who achieve age-appropriate skills before that are  discharged earlier.

Children in the program receive speech and language inputs every day, occupational therapy 2-3 times a week, and pre-academic inputs every day. 


Read about the impact of early intervention on children with Autism as measured by inclusion and retention in mainstream schools in the Indian

Journal of Pediatrics.!the-scientific-findings/c13k8


Results of this study show that 76.5% of children who passed out of the program in Bangalore were continuing in regular schools (2 to 7) years post intervention.



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